Terrorism affects us all. Sometimes you may think "terrorism is horrible, but what can I do? I am just one person!"

Here are some things you can do to fight terror starting right now. All of us must learn more and speak up!


- add your name

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- learn about terrorism
The State Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Department of Defence

Homeland Security

Middle Eastern Media Research Institute (Memri)
Palestinian Media Watch
The Terrorism Research Center

Mid East Truth
Elliot Chodoff's Mideast On Target

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- citizen's preparedness

Ready America - education about how to be prepared in case of a national emergency – including a possible terrorist attack


- learn about terrorism and weapons of mass destruction
Harvard Report - March 2003 -
Press Release (PDF format)

Harvard Report - March 2003 -
Read the Report (PDF format,downloading
might take a few minutes)

- learn about media bias in reporting about terror

The 7 principles of media objectivity
Honest Reporting
Camera Media Report


- view recent articles on fair reporting

Turning a Blind Eye to Murder
NPR Ignores Israeli Terror Victims

- learn about middle eastern history

What you should know about the current conflict
Jewish Virtual Library


- contact the president and your other state and national officials

The U.S. President
The U.S. Vice President
The Secretary of State
U.S. House of Representatives
Lists of Senators by State


- send others to our site



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