- ARTICLE: Obeying 'a holy duty' to kill

By Betsy Pisik

- Anatomy of a Child Self-sacrifice
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This streaming video shows how the Palestinian Media teaches children to become hatred filled front-line solders eager to bomb, kill and commit suicide


"Wherever you are, kill those
Jews and those Americans"

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See more unbelievable quotes from this Friday sermon broadcast on Official Palestinian Television.

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- ARTICLE: Suicidal Lies

"-The Devil is dancing in the Middle East, and he's dancing our way"

NY Times Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Tom Friedman points out in this column why terrorists who attack Israel today, will attack other Western countries tomorrow.


- Official Palestinian Authority Television Calls For Destruction of Israel, US, UK;

"... this unjust state the United States will be erased; this unjust state Britain will be erased -"

- Jihad for Kids

read the amazing Fox Investigates report



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